Are you only getting a few hours of sleep a night? Do you feel fatigued and irritable on a regular basis? Believe it or not your sleep – or lack of it – is most likely to blame. Find out how you can get better sleep by taking a free online sleep screening.

Begin by taking your free online questionnaire. This short, obligation-free questionnaire will identify if you’re a candidate for an in-home sleep apnea test.  Once you complete your questionnaire, a board-certified sleep specialist will review the results and contact you to let you know if an in-home test is recommended for you.  If so, the test will ship directly to your home. It only takes 1 or 2 nights to collect enough data for a sleep specialist to review and diagnose sleep apnea, a disorder that goes undiagnosed all too often. If you’re found to have a positive diagnosis for sleep apnea, we are here to help you get set up with CPAP therapy.  Need Better Sleep is committed to helping you get the therapy you need so you can sleep well and enjoy a better quality of life.

Why take an in-home sleep apnea test?

The alternative hospital or in-lab sleep tests require you to spend a minimum of one night in a sleep lab bed with monitor cords attached all over your body while someone watches you sleep. With a home sleep test, you can sleep in the comfort of your own bed without all those cords hooked up to you, just a simple and unobtrusive nasal cannula and a chest band.  The other major distinction between an in-lab test and a home sleep test is the cost.  In-lab tests cost approximately $1,000-$3,500 dollars in addition to the time it takes for you to actually perform the test.  A home sleep test is a fraction of that cost and requires no extra time on your part.

A restful, full night’s sleep is vital to your health. Need better sleep? Get your free online screening today.

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Patient Testimonials

Honestly, I thought I was just guilty of snoring every now and then, but my wife insisted it was something more. The home test was easy to use and within a week I was diagnosed with sleep apnea. I would’ve never guessed I was waking up so much during the night. Glad I got tested, so I could get started with CPAP treatment right away.

Tom H.

I didn’t really want to go to a sleep study, so thankfully, there was the free online assessment. Afterwards, they sent me the test and I only had to use it a couple of nights and now I know for sure that sleep apnea was what was causing me to be so tired. I’ve been doing CPAP therapy for a few weeks now, and have never felt better.

Joe D.

I was putting off getting tested because I didn’t have time to go into a lab. Plus, I didn’t want to be monitored while I sleep. The process of taking the at-home sleep apnea test was simple. If it wasn’t for that, I’d probably still be undiagnosed.

Mike B.

I knew I wasn’t getting great sleep, but I thought I could manage it myself. I would sleep sitting up in a recliner chair just to try to keep myself from waking up during the night, but I never felt completely rested. It wasn’t until I fell asleep at a traffic light that I realized this wasn’t something I could treat myself. It was hard, but I’m glad I finally got the CPAP treatment I need for my sleep apnea.

Carol S.

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