You can determine if you have sleep apnea right at home, in your own bed. With an at-home sleep apnea test, we’ll send the test to you in the mail, so you can schedule it for when it’s convenient for you.

The portability of the home sleep test makes it easy to use and set up. The home sleep apnea test will measure for the airflow from your nose and mouth, evaluate your oxygen flow, and measure your respiratory effort as you sleep through the night.

Most people have the home sleep test for 1-2 nights and then send it back so a diagnosis can be made. It may seem unusual to “hook” yourself up to the test, but don’t worry, it’s not harmful or uncomfortable. Once your at-home sleep test is complete, a sleep specialist will review the data and make a diagnosis and determination of next steps. The most common type of treatment is CPAP therapy. In order to get your free prescription for a home sleep test, you must first take a free, online sleep screening. Start yours today!

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