Many years ago, sleep tests solely relied upon a patient going to a sleep clinic and staying overnight while being monitored and studied, which would then lead to a diagnosis. While this is still an option today, many people suffering from sleep disorders still have the same problem with this method of diagnosis:it’s simply too intrusive and inconvenient.
Enter the at-home sleep test, a modern and far more simplified way of getting the help a you need for your sleep disorder. Whether you are suffering from sleep apnea or another common sleep disorder, an at-home sleep test allows you to begin your journey to better sleep right from the comfort of your own home.
Here are four reasons why taking an at-home sleep test is better than getting one at a sleep lab.

#1: No Travel

There are only so many sleep clinics, and not everyone lives close to them. Some people have to travel an hour or more just to a clinic for a sleep examination, and that’s if they are even within driving distance at all. Since at-home sleep tests are delivered via mail right to your door, there is no need to travel to a sleep clinic, whether you live five minutes or five hours away.

#2: Convenience

Besides having to travel, going to a sleep clinic can also be a large inconvenience for most people. You have to set aside an entire night, pack an overnight bag, travel, and spend the night at a clinic. Sometimes, your spouse or a loved one may also want to travel with you to the location. All of this is an especially large inconvenience when compared to an at-home sleep test. With an at-home sleep test, the process is far simpler and more convenient for patients. You don’t have to schedule a time, pack a bag, change your schedule or even leave your home. The test is mailed directly to you and is easy to set up and use.

#3 Cost

Some sleep tests can cost between $1,000 -$3,500, which is not a small investment for many families. And this doesn’t even include the cost of treatment should you be found have sleep apnea or any other condition. At-home sleep tests are a fraction of the cost and you also save on the cost of gas/travel, taking time off work and other expenses.

#4 Comfort

While sleep clinics do their best to give you a comfortable sleep environment during your examination, nothing beats your own bed in your own home. Whether you suffer from anxiety or simply don’t sleep as well outside of your home, an at-home sleep test allows you to remain comfortable throughout the entire night, which can also help you get the best results on your test.

Still have questions about at-home sleep tests? Reach out to our sleep experts today for more information.